Recently, I’m all about the OFF-ROAD CAMPING! I’m 40 years old and just starting to really appreciate the great outdoors. I’m a mom, a girlfriend, an administrator for a state hospital and an explorer.

This all started 2 1/2 years ago when I met my love. He introduced me to mountain biking and to some pretty amazing road trips, and beautiful places. Add in some good times and sweet lovin’ and I’m hooked!

Last year, we purchased a Toyota 4Runner that went from stock to a pretty serious off-road vehicle in a matter of months. Now that we had the vehicle, we needed a safe place to sleep when camping off road. We recently purchased a rooftop tent in Bend, Oregon. Shout out to CVT! While camping in our new rooftop tent, we quickly realized that once you set up camp, there’s no exploring the sights. That’s where the off-road camp trailer comes in! We recently purchased a 1958 Dodge Stepside Truck bed and my honey is strippin’ it down and giving it a custom makeover! Now ladies, there is nothing sexier than watching your man build something with his bare hands and a little skill… Sparks flying, metal burning and steel bending is HOT, HOT, HOT!! And what guy doesn’t like a story about an off-roading adventure and custom builds!?!See there’s a little something for everyone!

Watch us as we take our camp trailer from fab to fabulous and take it out on the open road!