Campfire Contessa is on the road again πŸ”₯

Last year, we visited my brothers new place in Washington and made plans to spend Thanksgiving 2017 at his place. So here we are, in Oregon, taking our time and making an adventure out of getting there! We left our house shortly after 4 am yesterday with a very flexible plan about where we’d stay, camping if the weather looked clear and hoteling it if the forecast was full of rain. Our camp rig and rooftop tent were ready for anything!

At about 4 pm, we rolled into Klamath Falls, and realized we were in for a VERY cold night. Although cold, the forecast changed dramatically and did not include rain! Matt broke out his new chainsaw and got busy building a roaring fire!

We barely had time set up our tent and bedding before it was dark! As it got colder, I was getting pretty worried about making it through the night without turning into an icicle ❄️

Just then, a couple rode up on their bikes. These people were bike packing and were about to camp in the cold with whatever they could fit in those side saddles. Well, if they could do that, I could definitely rough it in my cozy roof top tent with the Kelty 20 degree sleeping bags Matt insisted on buying!

Leah retreated to her sleeping bag by about 8, I followed maybe an hour later and Matt sat up with his fire for quite some time. I really haven’t been that cold while camping before. This California girl was getting a lesson about NorthWest temps pretty darn quick! Also, I had to learn a little lesson in eating humble pie on this trip. Matt tried to tell me that all we would need to sleep was our thermal layers (bought at Costco) and our “made for cold weather” sleeping bags. Well I insisted on bringing piles of blankets to go on top of our bags and on wearing three layers of clothes before crawling in. I could not stop shivering!!! I got so cold that I decided to test his theory, removed the quilts and all but my thermal layer and a pair of socks. I zipped my whole body into the mummy type bag and had to eat crow as I started to warm up and realized he was right ( serious eye roll πŸ™„) Finally, after thawing out and enduring Matthew’s ” bull in a china cabinet” entrance into the tent, my last thought was that I really had to peeeee before falling into my camp slumber. I woke up once when Matt had to answer the call of nature, but was amazed when I didn’t wake again until early morning to a cup of amazing camp coffee and a layer of frost covering everything! When I saw that our water gallons had frozen solid, I was suddenly impressed with my sleeping bag and the quality of our rooftop shelter. Matt already had a warm fire going, the camp coffee was delicious and somehow I was enduring the cold so much better than last night.

After a very chilly morning, we packed up some very icy/crunchy camp gear and decided to head towards some breakfast, because trying to cook with frozen camp gear just wasn’t going to happen! This first night of our trip was roughing it on a whole new level, but I can proudly say Campfire Contessa and fam survived a freakin freezing night like champs πŸ‘‘πŸ”₯