In March of this year we drove to Bend, Oregon to CVT and picked up our rooftop tent. It was a great trip! After picking up our tent, we headed to Skullhallow Campground in Culver, Oregon to pop it up and sleep in it for the first time. Man, were we excited and impressed with our new setup!! It was a warm and beautiful afternoon, allowing us to enjoy some camp beer and later a blazing fire. We slept well in our new tent and I was very surprised at how dry and warm we were the next morning. The usual tent moisture was not an issue-something I was very happy about! The next day we headed to Smith Rock for a little mountain biking. After researching trails, we found our pickings were slim as most of the area was still too slushed from the snow and recent rains. Smith Rock was breathtaking, but the trails around the river were partially washed out, leaving only the steep rocky terrain. As you can see from the photo, I spent a good part of the ride hiking my bike. Damn, that hill was steep and more than a little scary. Pictures do not do it justice. It was fun watching the rock climbers and the views were worth every step up that hill. After our ride, it was time to head back to Cali (home for us). The plan was to spend the night at Lake Shasta and test our tent in colder weather. Boy, were we in for a treat! As soon as we hit the California border it began to pour, the kind of rain everyone hates to drive in. We were having a very hard time finding a place to camp. We even took an off-road detour into snow. It was well after dark by the time the rain let up and we found a very small (and sorta weird) campground. We somehow setup camp, started and fire and cooked dinner before the rain hit again. Luckily, our rooftop tent has a great little overhang. We setup our camp chairs under the overhang, watched the rain and decided to call it an early night! Even with all the rain and snow nearby, it was warm, cozy and dry in our rooftop nest. I was a happy girl 🙂

Such an amazing trip!!! What part of the trip would I repeat??….I would definitely visit Sunriver Resort again! We stayed there the night before picking up our tent. Beautiful place, very friendly staff and some stellar beer at the Sunriver  Brewing Co. I would also recommend visiting CVT if you plan on purchasing a rooftop tent. Their tents are great quality and the staff who work there are helpful and knowledgeable. I would also love to re-visit the Fred Meyer in Redmond Oregon!! I love this store since discovering it in the Northwest last year. This particular store has a beer tasting and growler fill bar. We tasted a ton of beer and had great conversation with the guy who chose to work behind the counter as his retirement gig. Oh, and the last and most important thing I would not change about this trip is the company. Love you Matthew!

What would I change??…I would leave my bike at home if I traveled to this area during the wet season again. The bike trails are said to be epic, but the snow and rain definitely put a damper on MTB fun during the winter and early spring months. Overall, this trip and our new tent has me excited for many exciting future road trips!!



After our first trip in our rooftop tent, it became clear to us that if we wanted to be able to setup a campsite and explore, we were going to have to add an off-road trailer to our camp gear. We purchased a 1958 Dodge Truck Bed and Matt started slowly turning it into our off-road home away from home.