Park City Baby!

We woke up in Moab on Day #5 ready to get the hell outa dodge! We were over the scorching heat, the red rocks and the all the bodies of non-swimming water. We packed up camp in less than a half hour that morning and hit the road jack! We were heading for Park City, a hotel and hopefully some serious r&r before camping in Wyoming and Montana.

On the highway, we began to see snow topped mountains and a dramatic change in temperature. Man were we relieved!

We pulled into Park City Peaks Hotel (fab btw) and jumped straight into the shower before heading to the pool. Try explaining to an 8 year old that you have to wash your body before jumping into the water. As Matt so eloquently explained, we needed to wash our dirty carcasses before getting into the pool because it wouldn’t be fair to share our camp scum with others 😂 No further explanation necessary! We were at the unoccupied pool by 2 enjoying the cool air, a sprinkle of rain, an indoor and outdoor pool/hot tub and some complimentary chocolate covered frozen bananas (damn, I wish I had a photo of Matthew eating his) 🐵🍌

After finally being able to make good on my vacation swimming promise, it was time to tend to a few errands and find some decent food. After finding a laundry mat and getting our wash started, we found a nearby bistro and finally some yummy vacation food. As I’ve mentioned in my earlier blog posts, Southern Utah has a ton to offer but food and beer not so much! After a worthy dinner and a version of a Moscow Mule made with local honey that that Guy Fieri would call “money”, we finished our clothes and headed back to the hotel to lay in our comfy beds and watch some good old t.v.

Park City was the second town I wished I had my mountain bike. The hotel had bikes for rent but we were just plain tired and didn’t have enough time to explore the MTB trails. For this reason both Moab and Park City will remain on my road trip bucket list for future MTB road trip destinations. 🚵🏻‍♀️