We hit the road early on Wednesday, June 7th! We had been waiting for June 7th for months, making it easy for all 3 of us to roll outa bed at the early hour of 3 a.m. We were motivated and super excited to hit the road right at 4 a.m. 

Matt had the truck and trailer packed and ready to go the night before. We were set up with our roof top tent, a working refrigerator, a portable toilet with its own privacy pop-up and a water tank to wash dishes and power the portable shower he had packed for the trip! We had grocery shopped and prepped for roughly a week of off-roaring. We were set with supplies, sleep space and some $$ in our pockets!

Our first camp destination was preplanned for Hurricane, Utah! Google Maps told us we had a 9 hour 15 minute drive to get there! Totally doable! The first half of the drive flew by! Once we got outside of Vegas, we stopped at the Mad Greek for lunch (saw it on Diners Drive-ins and Dives). The Gyros were yummy and motivated us for the second half of our drive. The second half of the drive was a little harder to get through 😑 The terrain looked the same all the way from Bakersfield, through Nevada and Arizona! 🌵Desert and tumbleweeds as far as the eye can see! Don’t get me wrong, the terrain and landscapes are beautiful, but not much to stop and see or do after Vegas! As we were driving towards Vegas, Leah had a million questions and made it clear that Vegas was a bucket list destination for her. We didn’t stop because let’s be real, Leah’s a pretty smart cookie and would figure out what Vegas is all about pretty quick! Had it been dark we would have taken a detour along the strip to see the lights and such…but it was lunchtime and we trucked on through.

By about 3 p.m. We had rolled our tires through 3 states! We had left California and Arizona in our rear view, psyched for what Utah had to offer.

As we drove into and through Utah, we were surrounded By red rock, cliffs and breath taking canyons! All through S. Cali, Arizona and Southern Utah it was scorching hot! Quite a bit hotter than my weather app prepared me for 🌞

We rolled into Hurricane, Utah about 6 p.m. Utah time (we forgot about the hour time change) and found our campground at an off-road recreation park. We got some good laughs as we approached because:

1. We planned for off-roadinv and 10 miles from our Google Map destination we were stuck in city hwy traffic (exactly how off the grid is this trip going to be 🤠)??

2. The directions then began navigating us through the shopping district and neighborhoods of St. George. I was starting to think we were heading towards some glorified parking lot!

3. As we finally headed out of the town, onto some back roads, I started to feel relieved because a.) I had picked the local b.) I promised Matt a recreational 4Wheel experience and c.) I promised Leah swimming in the small campground lake!! As we approached the campground I was feeling sweaty, yet hopeful based on the views until we got closer and read a caution sign about Swimmer’s Itch! What the….Oh, great! 

Remain calm Mom! I started to google Swimmer’s Itch and then spotted our campsite which was mostly located on a paved road 😳 surrounded by mostly RV’s! thank goodness we were just stopping for a night and are quick on our toes. As we were setting up camp, Matt took advantage of the full hook-ups and attached a water hose for Leah to get wet and play in the high 90 degree heat without catching Swimmer’s Itch 🤢

As things usually go, after setting up, calming down and taking it all in we realized we picked the perfect spot for the first night as we had to do very little set-up and had some time to grab the camera, take a walk and check things out!

While we were out, Matt and Leah got brave and ventured into the lake. Thank goodness we were lucky and didn’t take any Swimmer’s Itch with us  when we left!

Overall, day #1 was a sucesss! Afterall, we got on the road super early as planned, we had a yummy lunch and checked the Mad Greek off our bucket list, we made it to our destination (Utah) in plenty of time to enjoy the evening and our tires rolled through 3 states in one day!

There’s not much I’d change about that day…except I’d order a plain pork Gyro at the Mad Greek instead of the BBQ pork and I’d be more prepared for the super hot weather on day #1 (screw you IPhone weather app)!

I would definitely recommend an IPad with downloaded movies for your kiddos and some Dramamine for the endless windy roads!

At the end of the day, we cuddled up in our roof top tent and got a great night’s sleep!

Stayed tuned for Utah part 2.

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